A new ethnic club in Wilsonville


Provided by API Club Instagram

API Club board and club members posing before club fair. They successfully gained new members and are excited for the new year.

As a new school year begins more and more clubs start developing. Recently, API Club has been brand new on the scene as a new ethnic club started by two seniors. 

Anthea Goh and Taylor Hadden worked hard to kick start it in March 2022 in hopes to bring knowledge to Asian and Pacific Islander culture and create a safe space for fellow API students. 

Taylor shares, “We started it to help people educate others who are interested in our Asian culture.” She states that the club is open to anyone and that they later hope to host an event celebrating API culture sometime in May. Additionally, any new ideas or information is welcomed by the club as they improve and develop. 

A senior and new member of API Club, Ellie Kim, attended the meeting last week and expressed her thoughts. 

“It was a nice start, and I really enjoyed the presentations, there was slight disorganization though. However, I want to spread API and how culture affects society and I’m really excited to do that through the club.”

API club will meet in room 203 every other Tuesday and would like students to know that anyone is welcome to join or stop by these fun and interactive meetings.