Does Wilsonville High need more art?


Trevor Budiao

A mural painted on the glass by the main stairs. This was painted to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month.

Wilsonville High School is known for its many activities such as football and basketball. But one of those things we are known for is our art. But when it comes to the displays at our school, our art isn’t really displayed. The art work is pretty dated around school, for example one of the pieces that is displayed was made by a student who now is a teacher here at WVHS.

Many students and even a couple of teachers say the school could use some more art on the walls, one place in need being the library. The library sign could use some more art, either it be neon or not. The library can look a little plain without much color. 

Art teacher Ms. Escobar stated that the art that is displayed today is a pretty good representation of the students here today. She does however believe that the inventory is rather short as of now because of the pandemic. But because of the school reopening, more art is on the way! Ms. Escobar has been a big part in advocating for art shows that show culture, and as of the month of October is Hispanic Heritage Month, the school is displaying many pieces made by hispanic students at our school.

Before the pandemic, art was displayed at the end of the year in a grand art gallery in the cafeteria, but since there is now a classroom there they needed to find a different place. The place in mind doesn’t even have to be in the school; as of last year they held the gallery in Charbonneau, which had a lot of success. When asked the question about the spaces for art, Ms. Escobar said that we do have places in the school where there is art displayed, but there are many other places that have old art, or just plain walls.

One of her concerns is that some of the art last year was stolen from the gallerys, and she felt bad for the students who worked hard on those pieces. Looking around the school there is a lot of art made by loads of students, but finding art made by our own staff is rather rare. Even Ms. Escobar hadn’t heard of an idea like this, but she seemed interested. She did mention that the district has held art for the workers who wanted to share their art with their friends. 

Wilsonville High School has a lot of artwork in the school, but some locations are lacking and some places just display very old art. Although you might walk through the school day to day, many of the pieces are changing with the month. And as of now we are trying to put up more pieces that represent our culture, our teachers, and our students.