Is football favorited?


Greg Artman

Wilsonville football stands with the cheering crowd. An exciting day for Wilsonville students.

Football has been America’s sport for years and a crowd favorite at Wilsonville high school. But is the school treating football better than other sports?

It is perceived by many students that football is treated better than other sports at the school. Sophomore Kat Ellet says, “I feel like they have a lot more of the school’s support and funding.” Football usually gets the stadium field to practice on and charter buses on the way to games. 

A lot of teams have strong opinions on how football is treated compared to other sports.

However, football does a lot of things that other sports don’t. They do a lot of fundraising themselves, they bring in a lot of money for the school, and the amount of kids that play is a lot larger, to name a few. They work a lot with the younger generation of football players to get them excited about the program. Which is something that other sports don’t do as much of.

The schools do try their best to ensure that all sports are created equal, and given equal opportunity. Athletic Director Mr. Davis says, “it’s our priority to make sure that every sport has a foundation of what they need to run an event.”

Football needs a little bit more in the terms of supplies. The amount of gear that football needs is a lot greater than other sports, so schools try to make sure that if a kid wants to play football they can, as they would do the same for every other sport.

Many student athletes get upset about the field priority that football has. But, they have a much bigger roster and the school tries their best to accommodate for the enormity of football.

Football is a big event and a big part of high school. It is a tradition that students look forward to every year. Other sports aren’t the same tradition as football, and that’s why they get advertised less. 

Football is something that all students look forward to at the end of the week, whether it’s the rocking student section, the atmosphere, or the game. Football is a lot more for students than the game. 

So, the perception of football seems like they get a lot more attention, but they just need more resources and do a lot of fundraising to keep their program going.

From our standpoint we try to make everything equal.

— Mr. Davis