Wildcat workloads : how are students handling the new school year?


Macy Moore

Senior Hope Williams and sophomore Tennessee Connan are hard at work. Ms. Moehling’s French classes are quickly ramping up for the start of the year.

Students are back to school for the 2022-2023 school year! The transition from summer to school is notoriously difficult. This year, students are navigating their new classes and workloads, and swiftly settling into being back at school. 

Being back at school is hard. Without learning during the summer, the transition is stark and often difficult. Now, students are finding new ways to navigate their stress and their new schedules. 

Not everyone has been fully away from school throughout the break. During the summer, many students attend summer school. Classes in the summer months are a great way to gain credits and have more schedule leniency during the year. 

For most students though, this is standard practice. Getting back into school has always looked the same. In terms of workload, sophomore Julia Tatsumi is feeling unbothered, “I feel like the first couple weeks are lighter, but it may increase pretty soon.”

The biggest change returning each year are the classes. Students are taking new and exciting classes across every grade level, as well as across many different difficulty levels. 

Sameera Yatham, a senior, is currently taking five advanced placement courses, and clawing her way through the start of her senior year, “Compared to last year, this is definitely a lot more than I expected.“

Regardless of workload, students are settling into their schedules and daily lives at school. We are seeing more people involved in extracurriculars, taking more difficult classes, and finding new ways to be involved at Wilsonville High School. Wildcats are enjoying the process of starting back up again!