Homecoming dance review

Students express their experience at the annual homecoming dance


Adena Kaufman

Adena Kaufman poses before heading to the dance. She enjoyed her time at homecoming.

Last weekend, Wilsonville High School hosted their annual homecoming dance, curated by the sophomore class. The question is, did students enjoy the Hollywood themed night?

There was light backlash from the students in relation to the music selection that was played the night of. Alina Jakobson shared that she wished “there was more of a selection… they cut ‘Shake it Off’ right at the best part…that was disappointing.”

Lauren Thomas, a sophomore, shared her take on the matter. She had wished there was “more input from the sophomore class and could’ve been a lot better and more enjoyable for everyone there.”

Nick Summers, a sophomore at WHS, also expressed his frustration from the night, “bad music, it was too hot, and everyone was dehydrated.” He rated the dance a 1/10.

Although several students were disappointed and wish the dance had gone differently, the night also received praise from numerous students here at WHS.

Lilly Press, a sophomore at Wilsonville Highschool appreciated the effort put into the decoration portion. “The entrance was really good, and the decorations were good.”

Liza Locke, a senior at WVHS expressed her appreciation for the indoor venue. “I had fun, it was good to have a dance inside again, and overall I think it was a good senior dance.”

She added on to say that she hoped they would have played ‘Come on Eileen’ because it’s a good crowd pleaser.

Tyler Mothershed, a freshman, enjoyed his first highschool dance experience and stated that it was more enjoyable when bigger crowds began to show up. He phrased it as when people started “coming in, it got hyped.”

Overall, mixed feelings were expressed, but most students’ favorite moment was  being able to connect with their fellow students.