Wilsonville crushes Hood River again

Wilsonville volleyball keeps dominating inner conference foes.


Greg Artman

Mary Matthews helps Wilsonville dominate Hood River in another league matchup.

Wilsonville volleyball has been on a tear to start the season off to a 17-0 start Wilsonville traveled to Hood River for yet another NWOC matchup.

Wilsonville and Hood river had met earlier in the year on September 13th. The result from that night and Wednesday night were very similar, on that September night Wilsonville took Hood River behind the woodshed and swept the Eagles. History repeated itself on October 5th the only difference between the two nights was the location of the game.

Wilsonville took the first 25-6 the second one 25-16 and the third by a score of 25-12. Wilsonville has been dominant overall but especially so inside the NWOC. With a league record of 11-0 it will be tough for Wilsonville to not win the conference. With only 3 weeks left of games for the Wildcats and 6 games left against league opponents it is within reach for them to go undefeated in the regular season.

Wilsonville’s next matchup is on October 12th in a three way matchup against Canby and Hillsboro, Wilsonville will look to keep dominating the conference and keep the undefeated record intact.