Upcoming fall concerts are going to be spectacular

Excitement continues to build as choir, band, and orchestra prepare for their first concerts on the year.


Photo provided by Claudia Molatore

2022 Spring Choir Concert

Band, Choir, and Orchestra students prepare for their first concerts of the year. This concert is always extra nerve wracking because for many students, this is their first high school concert. The excitement of sharing your passions with your pears helps mitigate the fear of failure.

Senior Mia Combs said how excited she is to finally get to play collectively and with her peers. “I think that my favorite part about the fall concerts is that we get to collaborate with the middle school orchestra. It’s fun getting to hear all the different levels of skills and getting to know the students who will eventually play for the high school.”

Performing arts students work hard to create a kind and inclusive environment for all people.  New experiences always seem daunting at first; but new members to performing art ensembles will soon find out how rewarding concerts can be. 

Junior Anna Hedgepeth said, “I enjoy being on stage, singing with the new choir members, and performing all the wonderful things my choir has been working on.”

From the amazing music to the joyful environment, why wouldn’t someone want to come and watch all the concerts? Everyone is welcome to attend, and there is no entry fee. 

Band performs October 18th, choir performs on the 19th, and orchestra performs on the 20th. These concerts will be held in the auditorium, and are an amazing opportunity to support the performing arts departments.