Who’s using lockers, anyway?


Sophia Day

Sophia Day doesn’t hide her calc book in her locker, in fact, she keeps it at her bedside table! Many students simply carry their books to and from class.

In middle school, it was a huge deal to have a locker. Students would fill them with decorations, and all their worldly possessions, but in high school they’re obsolete. Students move from class to class with their backpacks on, they store their bags for their sport in different classrooms, and teachers no longer send kids home with textbooks. If so few students use lockers, why do we have so many? Should that space be occupied by something more universally useful? 

Senior Hannah Wilken suggests that at least some of the locker blocks should be used for something else. “It would be really cool if we had more glass cases in the halls to display our trophies and awards. It would add school spirit and something meaningful to our halls. If so many lockers go unused, then they’re only taking up space.” 

Junior Abbie Memmott agrees, “Every now and then I’d use my locker last year, but it really wasn’t necessary. I haven’t actually used it once this year.”

While there are no plans currently to get rid of lockers, there has to be something more useful to replace them with– especially the blocks of lockers that get absolutely no use.