Librarians take action on library improvements


Laura Giese

WVHS teachers take on the library brain teasers. These are a new addition this year, and free for anyone to try!

Wilsonville High School is welcoming new library staff in 2022! The new librarian Kate Corsen has big plans for the upcoming school year. From brain teasers to technology, the library is planning to have it all. 

Students are engaging more than ever before in library activities. The new space is more colorful, modern, and welcoming than in previous years. 

Ms. Corsen is making improvements bit by bit. “In general, all of the projects we’re doing is to make the library a place where students want to come, and where they actually want to read the books.”

Students are now enjoying exploring the library for popular new reads, working on schoolwork in the redecorated space, or even taking a brain break and participating in fun coloring activities. 

Some of the most notable additions to the library this year are the brain teasers. Credited to Library Assistant Laura Giese, these puzzles have improved library engagement, and given the space a much needed interactive twist. 

Even with all of the progress made, Ms. Giese still has more ideas in store. “I would like to see more contests, more fun things happening here, and to make it a visually exciting place as well as academic.” 

Regardless, it is exciting to see just how far the library has come in such a short time.

Success in social media is boosting the reach of the space as well. Under the username @wilsonillehslibrary on Instagram, the library is putting out all kinds of interesting content. 

Engagement is the goal, and Ms. Corsen is using the site to attract attention in new ways. “It’s just another way to engage students in what is happening in the library and to let people know when new books come in, or what events are happening in the library.”

Wilsonville is excited to welcome the passion of the new library staff, and awaits even more improvements to the space and culture of reading around WVHS in the upcoming year.