ISEF vs Robotics: Activity battle


Alexis Mcllmoil

A depiction of how the poll ,went with robotics taking the win. Both activities are popular among students.

Robotics and ISEF are two extracurriculars that are provided by Wilsonville High School and are highly encouraged because of the lessons you learn and the work one must put in to succeed at both. 

  ISEF and Robotics are actually very similar in concept and benefits, they both are a ton of work, they both are science based, they both look good on a college resume, they both hold competitions where students can win awards, and more.

But out of the two which would a student pick? To get a sense of this, a poll was conducted on the Wilsonville Broadcast Network instagram which stated: “If you had to do either robotics or ISEF, which would you choose?” The poll ended 55-39 in favor of robotics. While this doesn’t represent the school as a whole, it does give us a slight sense of the majority.

One thing the poll was missing was reasoning as to why they picked their option. To get a sense of this, junior Jasmine Brown was asked the question “if you had to choose between ISEF or Robotics which would you choose?” to which she replied, “I think I would choose ISEF; I feel like ISEF gives you a larger variety of things you can work on and helps you focus more on your interests on what you want to work on scientifically and if you want to go into that career it’s not just like robotics because robotics is only one group.” Alternatively Alexis Mcllmoil, senior, responded “I would chose robotics because ISEF is a great opportunity but I think robotics in the long run because it’s a club and you are continuously attending and building this robot and you go through an entire season and it builds off each other and so it’s more than just a one time project.”

Although robotics took the win in the WBN poll, there is no wrong decision if you are thinking of joining either, it’s not too late to join ISEF and robotics accepts people year round!