Seniors take on college applications

Where are seniors at with college applications, and where can they find help?


Hope Williams

Samuel Willard works on his Common App. Thousands of schools use this platform as a way for students to apply.

Who has started their college applications? Who has finished? Who hasn’t even started? Where ever a student is, you’re doing just fine. College applications can be scary and intimidating, but plenty of people in the school are in the same boat as you, along with teachers and counselors who are ready to help.

Most senior English teachers work with their students to get ready by helping with writing college essays. They will help with the setup and editing so that your essay is ready for submission. Counselors meet with students and visit English classes about the application process and what some colleges require. Lyndi Tucker is the College and Career Coordinator counselor at Wilsonville whose focus is to help students plan for college after high school. “Right now we are deep into the admissions process for Seniors who are doing early applications for a four-year college,” Ms. Tucker explains. “Community college will be happening later in a couple of weeks for those who wish to go there instead,” she adds. Ms. Tucker also explains that it’s better to wait and talk with your counselor before applying to any college so that they know where or what you wish to do. 

If a student needs help with the college application process, or maybe just getting an idea of where to go, Ms. Tucker and your own counselor are there to help you as much as you need. Early application is what most people aim for when applying. The early application dates are typically in November, but there are a few in October. Other schools have a later date after early application in case you missed the first. 

If you’re still working on applications, you’re not alone, many students are still working on getting everything done. There are lots of things that go into an application and it takes time, so don’t wait till the last minute. Makaila Hammond, a senior, has been working on her college applications for a few weeks and still has more to do. “It can be stressful, with all that needs to be done,” she explains. “I’ve already submitted two applications and still have a few more before I’m all done.”

 College applications can be a pain or something that a student doesn’t want to do, but there are people in the school that are there to help you get everything in on time and done well. There are other seniors in the school that are also stressed and working on their applications or don’t know where they want to go or how to get started. Counselors have their doors open to any student that needs help with their college applications.