Students favorite classes


Lily Arzie

Ellorian Hulstine, sophomore, receives help from her french teacher. French is one of her favorite class periods!

Now that the school year has almost completed its 1st quarter, students have gained familiarity with their classes, as well as developing personal preferences when it comes to either subjects or teachers!

 Ella Hubka, a senior at WVHS, has loved her time spent in her Street Law class with Mrs Molatore! She values the concepts at hand because it implies “specific things that will happen to you in real life, and what you are supposed to do.”

One anonymous student expressed their admiration towards the symphonic band teacher at WVHS, Mr. Davies. He appreciates the inclusivity of both growing as musicians, and “grow[ing] as humans.”

Mackenzie Klepper, a student at WVHS, enjoys the time she spends in her AP Human Geography class with Mr. Deeder. She “enjoys[s] the topics [she] is covering and find[s] them interesting.”

In some circumstances, students develop a liking for their classes not because of the subject,  but because of the teacher. For example, one anonymous student shared their in class experience with Mr. Simmons, adding that they are, “not the best at math, but he makes it fun!”

Chelsee Asher, a student at Wilsonville High School enjoys Mrs Ashers teaching methods because she is “such a fun teacher…she makes language arts fun and easy.”

Kaede Young, a student, began to take Japanese this year because his “family is Japanese and [he] always wanted to learn it.” He values the teacher’s approach towards difficult concepts because “she makes her class fun and light hearted.”

Students have shown that teachers at WVHS present certain qualities that a variety of different people would prefer in a classroom, and overall, the teaching is always catered to the students.