The Day of the Dead festival comes back to Wilsonville!


Macy Moore

El presidente del MEChA, Héctor Baltazar, posa con el poster del Día de los muertos, animando a todos a asistir

After 3 years of absence the day of the dead festival is finally back. The festival, usually held in the October-November months, is one of the biggest and most important events that is held in Wilsonville.

The pandemic limited the Día de los Muertos festivities to practically a standstill. “It’s been missed because we couldn’t bring our community together to share our Latino/Hispanic culture due to the pandemic,” says senior Gerardo Flores Chavez. Now, for the first event Wilsonville High School has been able to put on after three years of social distancing and online learning, plenty of people from around the city or farther are flocking to WVHS’s campus. The festival will be complete with food, performances, activities and much more, and will be a way to bring together members of the WVHS community and beyond.

The festival that was usually run and created by the Wilsonville MEChA group now has support from the new Latino Arts and Culture course run by Mrs. Escobar, “Lots of the class has been helpful, they have created the mural, they are working on the ofrenda and pinatas and so much more” says Mrs. Escobar. This doesn’t mean that MEChA has just taken it easy, as many MEChA members are assisting with almost all these projects and doing lots of behind the scenes work. With double the help, the festival is sure to come out of its temporary retirement with a bang! The student volunteers will make sure it is bigger and better than ever.

Despite being a big event as a whole, the biggest impact of this event is the cultural products and impact whether it be the sugar skulls, pinatas, food, the music , the ofrenda, the dances and much much more. If you would like to have fun and see for yourself the event is tonight, 11/1, at Wilsonville High School from 5:30 to 8:30. Nos vemos ahi!