Aerospace Club takes off


Winston Tang

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The Wilsonville Aerospace (WVAS) Club’s first meeting of the year was on November 3rd during lunch. There were over 15 students present, all interested in learning about aerospace. “I’m glad to see the attendance and I think that all of us are really interested in aerospace in general,” said senior Jesse Hayworth. Over the course of the year, the club will provide opportunities to learn about all-things-aerospace and will also host visits from professionals in the field.

Junior Paul Liu, president of the WVAS club, introduced club members to the first activity of the year: a paper airplane contest. On November 15, in the auxiliary gym, students will compete with their own paper airplanes for prizes.

“The reason why I like Aerospace Club is because of the people in it, everybody seems really nice,” said junior Mason Trotter. “Trying to figure out what makes the best airplane seems really fun.”

During the club meeting, many students were trying to fold their own paper airplanes and launching them across the room! A few glided smoothly in a straight line, and others seemed to take a u-turn midair. Students were comparing designs and eagerly modifying their planes on the fly.

Sophomore Bob Vaughan said his first impression of the club consists of a lot of excitement. “I think we’ll be building a pretty good community.”

Indeed, the classroom was bustling with inventive energy and high competitive spirits as students discussed possible designs which fit within the rules. Hayworth added, “it’s going to be interesting seeing all the different– sorry, there are paper airplanes flying over my head right now– the different designs.” Incorporating aerospace into the school provides yet another opportunity for students interested in engineering to grow. “I think that it’s gonna help a lot of people out,” says Jesse. “I definitely think that one of the reasons why I’m here is because I’m interested in aerospace.”

Meetings are in room 214 (Mr. Koll’s room). Join the Google Classroom and follow the Wilsonville Aerospace Club on social media to show your support! @wvhs_aerospace_club