How do WVHS students feel about early Christmas celebrations?


Lily Arzie

Halloween decorations are put away as Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas lights may begin lighting up the city very soon!

Now that Wilsonville High School has successfully made it past Halloween, students may be left wondering what holiday they should be anticipating. Some may say Thanksgiving, while others say Christmas, but both holidays are to their own unique appeal and students naturally disagreed on the matter.

Vivian Ward, freshman, strongly favors the early celebrations of Christmas, and believes that it’s “the next big holiday.” Ward also added that she feels indifferent towards Thanksgiving saying “it’s not that important.”

Cole McConnaughey, freshman, raved about the seasonal Dutch Bros drinks, claiming that he had the “Glacier Peak” drink, which made a return from last year. He enjoys the holiday filled drink particularly “because of the creamy stuff on the top.”

Kiera Easterly, junior, recently participated in the strangely early holiday decorating community, and stated that she “started decorating her room,” and she has already dusted off her stockings and hung them up!

However, Aysha Marin, sophomore, firmly believes that Thanksgiving doesn’t receive the notoriety it deserves and “you [shouldn’t] put up the Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving…it just doesn’t feel right.”

Ruby Dean, sophomore, took Marins side on this particular conflict, but she doesn’t mind the nod to Christmas in an advertisement sense. When asked how she feels about holiday drinks, she said that “it’s just the seasonal stuff,” and she doesn’t mind factoring in peppermint mochas!

Dean added on, saying that people “that decorate for Christmas on November 1st are just trying too hard.”

WVHS students share different takes on the matter, and some may support Starbucks during November to get a taste of holiday spirit, but many students feel that it needs to be stretched out to December.