A new semester, another dance


Photo provided by Averyl Hartje

Averyl Hartje, Lauren Dean, and Hannah Jenson pose for pre-dance photos!

Aly Johnston, Writer

The end of the semester is always a stressful time for students. Getting in semester projects, taking final exams and even gearing up for the beginning of the second semester.

The three day weekend after finals, however, is highlight of finals week for many students. Wilsonville’s annual Winter Formal dance is this coming Saturday at 7:00 in the Auxiliary Gym.

The theme is “formal”, so students are expected to dress nicely. If you don’t feel comfortable in formal wear, don’t worry–you are free to dress however you please. The “formal” dress code is just a suggestion.

Students will be asked to pay $6 with the presentation of their ASB card, and $8 without ASB. If students want to bring a guest, they will need to get the proper forms from the office.

WBN will have cover the event, with cameramen and photographers at the new entrance. We will be interviewing people, snapping photos and getting overall coverage of Wilsonville’s first dance of the new semester.

The turnout for Winter Formal isn’t usually as big as Homecoming, but that could be due to finals. The stress of finals can be overwhelming for many, and having to plan to go to a dance can add on to anxiety.

Winter Formal can be a good source of stress relief, however; hanging out with friends, dancing, and being around your peers turns out to be an extremely fun time.

Winter Formal will be held in the Auxiliary Gym  a 7pm on Saturday the 27th. Mark your calendars!