Student spotlight: Arush Goawami


Photo provided by Arush Goswami

Arush Goswami, freshman, gives a thumbs up! He is up for the challenge of his difficult schedule!

Arush Goswami, currently a freshman, is enrolled in several subjects that challenge his curricular capabilities immensely. Although they are challenging to some, Goswami successfully juggles, Ap Human Geo, Pre Calculus, and Chemistry.

As his schedule builds up, and extracurricular activities can easily interfere with school work, Goswami attempts“ to set a time to do all [his] stuff, but [he] also generally [doesn’t] get much homework to begin with.” 

With a challenging addition to his schedule, Goswami’s less draining class is chemistry and says that he “ think[s] it’s because [he has] a background in chemistry… I sort of have a general idea of what we’re doing.”

Because of his advancement in several subjects, Goswami is able to interact with upperclassmen. For example, in his pre-calc class, he “think[s] it’s cool to be around older students… It’s a different experience, and you also get to know more people.”

Gabby Maoz, sophomore and one of Goswamis fellow classmates, values his assistance in chemistry because “He’s super smart, and [she doesn’t] think [she] would be understanding the stuff without him.” Maoz recognizes his academic achievements, and appreciates his ability to be of service.

The process in which Goswami forecasted for Ap Human Geo, Pre Calc, and Chemistry, were mostly voluntary and struck interest, but in the end his,“parents decided for [him].”  

Arush Goswami, shows students that challenging themselves is all the more worth it in the end, and can reward you with unique experiences.