Where are seniors when it comes to college?

Early application has mostly passed, and seniors are either still applying or are hearing back.


Hope Williams

Makaila Hammond supports her chosen college– OSU. She shows her Beaver pride with her OSU sweatshirt.

Seniors have started applying to colleges, and some have already heard back about whether they got accepted. Some are still waiting for a response but are hopeful of getting into the school they want. Most early applications have ended by now, but all colleges will have later dates for people to still apply. 

Makaila Hammond, a senior, got into both schools she applied to, one being the school she wished for the most. She applied in late October but heard back nearly two weeks later with the acceptance email for both schools. Hearing back from both University of Oregon and Oregon State on the same day, she had committed to Oregon State a few days later.

 “I want to go to OSU because it’s a great science school and has all four grants for science,” Makaila explains. She committed to OSU a few days later and has now started planning and getting ready for her first year in college.

Other students, like Anthea Goh, a senior, have applied to some but not all of the schools on their list. Anthea is applying to many schools both in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

So far she has applied to nine and still has more to go. “I don’t have a dream school but I would like to get into one of the colleges in the United Kingdom,” she explains about her decision when picking a college. “I mainly want to go because it is straight to vet school and I want to be a veterinarian,” Anthea continues. 

Most deadlines have passed but more will happen later in the year of other applications. More deadlines will happen later on and seniors will still probably be applying in the spring. Early application has mostly ended, but that doesn’t mean the application process is over.