Kitakata High School visits for the first time since post COVID


Ms. Chrisman

An image of the JP 3 and 4 class with the Kitakata students. This was right before their last day in America.

Last Thursday, our school welcomed ten students from our sister school in Kitakata, Japan. The Japanese students followed students from our own school to all six of their classes, where they meet new people, learn about school in America, and spend time in a different learning environment.

Activities the students participated in while being at our school were various elective classes, lunch, games, and even work. 

According to Yodai, 17 from Kitakata High School, our school is very different from his school. He stated that school here is less strict and more enjoyable. Every day is something new and different in school. He was even shocked by the use of cell phones and eating in class. The cultural differences between America and Japan are significant, especially in schooling. 

As the differences are noticeable, students here in Wilsonville learned a lot and got to know the students well. Kaede Young, an 11th grader, and JPN 2 student, spent the day with Shunta. She states that she still keeps in touch with him and had a lot of fun. “I got to crash the JPN 3 and 4 class, and we played games. It was fun to be a part of,” she exclaimed. Since she is half-Japanese and has always been surrounded by the culture it was not different for her. Although, it was a good opportunity to practice her Japanese.

It seems that the whole of the JPN 3 and 4 students had a lot of fun meeting people and practicing their Japanese. Dax Sword, an 11th grader, states, “It was awesome and super fun.” Dax did not have a partner but still was able to become friends with the students and meet them. 

Overall, the visitation by the Kitakata students was a fun and immersive experience, establishing and connecting friendships across the world. The students were kind, eager to learn, and looking forward to meeting people. The cultural connection with people is an opportunity that only comes so often, and we are lucky to be part of it.