What do you think? A WBN podcast

This week on what do you think? the hosts delve into dating in high school with their guest Hannah Wilken

What do you think? Is a podcast hosted by senior girls who are hard set on finding out what everyone is thinking.

Emily Barry

“What do you think?” Is a podcast hosted by senior girls who are hard set on finding out what everyone is thinking.

Hey Wildcats! Sophia and Taylor have a lot of opinions, but they want to hear what you think! They’ll be inviting a student to their show once a week, and through conversations centered around student life, Taylor and Sophia will get to the bottom of what everyone’s thinking! They cover a wide range of topics– from the road to becoming a D1 athlete, to personal style choices, so there’s an episode for everyone! This podcast is inspired by all the podcasts our hosts have listened to: we want to cover serious topics, but also the fun stuff at school! Most of all, we want to learn what the school is thinking!

In “What Do You Think’s” first episode, Taylor and Sophia have a lot of firsts: they use microphones for the first time, they use a podcast studio for the first time, and they interview their first-ever guest! This special guest is none other than the hilarious, intelligent, radiant, sweet Hannah Wilken! Hannah is interviewed by the girls about all things relationships: how they impact her mental health, how she sees her future, and so much more! The bulk of this episode focuses on how she makes time for her relationship, as well as time to be a student, an athlete, a daughter, and a friend. Relationships in high school can be so complex, so it was great to pick her brain and find out what she’s really thinking about! We loved having a friend of the show as our first guest because the conversation flowed like friends talking, not an interview. Hannah was such a natural on the mics— we will definitely see more of her on this show! Thanks for coming, Han!



As always, thank you guys for listening! Let us know what you thought about the episode— you know we love to hear what everyone’s thinking! If you have any topics you’d like for us to cover, or any students to interview, please email our producer, Emily, [email protected]