What do you think? A WBN podcast, episode 2

This episode, the hosts of what do you think? catch up with D1 commit Anna Jardin

What do you think? Is a podcast hosted by senior girls who are hard set on finding out what everyone is thinking.

Emily Barry

“What do you think?” Is a podcast hosted by senior girls who are hard set on finding out what everyone is thinking.

Hey Wildcats! Sophia and Taylor have a lot of opinions, but they want to hear what you think. They will be inviting a student to their show once a week, and through conversations centered around student life, Taylor and Sophia will get to the bottom of everyone’s thoughts. They cover a wide range of topics– from the road to becoming a D1 athlete, to personal style choices, so there’s an episode for everyone! This podcast is inspired by the various podcasts our hosts have listened to. The podcast wants to cover serious topics, but also the fun stuff at school! Most of all, we want to learn what the school thinks about these important topics. 

Wow! WDYT has hit its second episode! Today, the girls interview Anna Jardin, teammate of Taylor, and a senior, who has officially committed to the Division 1 school, University of Rhode Island for softball. In addition to Anna Jardin, seniors Makenna Weipert, Helena Jones, and Tatum Hagen also signed their letter of intent the morning this podcast was recorded. These week we brought on Anna, a teammate of Taylor for both the high school softball team and their club team. Joining Anna is her and Taylor’s teammate and former guest of the show, Hannah Wilken! This episode covers a wide range of topics: Anna’s journey to becoming a D1 athlete. While there are many rewarding and unforgettable moments during the career of a student athlete, there are also so challenges and sacrifices you wouldn’t even think of. Anna shared the most valuable lessons softball taught her, and her favorite moments of her life playing softball. Congrats, Anna, on your commitment! The WDYT team wishes you all the luck in Rhode Island the next for years. Go Rams! 


As always, thank you guys for listening! Let us know what you thought about the episode— you know we love to hear what everyone’s thinking! If you have any topics you’d like for us to cover, or any requests with students to interview please email our producer, Emily, [email protected]