MEChA at Wilsonville High School

MEChA at Wilsonville High School

You may be asking yourself what does MEChA stand for? What is MEChA ? MEChA stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán which translates to “Chicano Students Movements of Aztlán.”

MEChA is an organization that seeks to promote raza unity. It is primarily a student group that promotes active awareness and appreciation for the raza (Chicano/Latino) culture and history. This takes place every Thursday during lunch in Mr.Ryan’s room 215.

MEChA is a mystery because no one knows when it started, MEChA has been around for a long time at least 20 years at Wilsonville High School. MEChA also takes place in helping the community by make a difference. We have done tree planting around Wilsonville, help Crest, help with day of the dead at Wilsonville high school. MEChA is NOT a club it’s more than a club, it’s like a big family were we can all come together and relate to most things going on with society now and days. Students in MEChA say they enjoy having MEChA at Wilsonville high school.

Jocsan Ocampo a senior at Wilsonville high school said ” It’s cool to see other people who come from similar backgrounds that I do and having people I can relate to. I really enjoy being part of MEChA.” Jocsan has been in MEChA for all his four years of high school, He is hoping in college they have MEChA so he can join!

Gerardo Flores who is the social media person for MEChA Instagram said “He loves the filed trips we take because it’s a way to learn outside of school. Most of our filed trip are really informative. We can learn a lot and especially things for college. As well as having a good time with everyone like day of the dead MEChA helps out. It’s just a way for us to contribute to our community and have our community come together.” As you can tell MEChA brings a real big part of Wilsonville.

Having MEChA at Wilsonville high school is a big privilege most schools don’t have. MEChA welcomes anyone to the meeting every Thursday during lunch. Anyone can feel free to come to the meetings we have. If you are interested of learning more on what MEChA does, follow the Instagram we have for more information! @wvhs.mecha