The ugly truth about finals


Lily Arzie

Sujan Shadrak, Sophomore, works hard in his chemistry class. He will do his best to prepare for finals!

Finals are nearing at WVHS, and students have many different approaches as they prepare for their tests. No matter the grade level students are enrolled in, finals are considered very challenging, and students are here to express why.

Andy Havens, a senior, has decided to trust his already existing knowledge rather than studying, but he is most anxious for “French and Forensics because they are difficult,” and at times he does not fully comprehend all the information at hand.

Christian Epping, a sophomore, associates finals with stress and anxiety, and he generally feels nervous. He particularly dislikes the tests “because they are too stressful.” 

Hannah Wilken, a senior, feels overall good about the upcoming finals, and feels that AP Spanish will be the least challenging because “they’ve been the same format for a long time,” therefore making it easier to know what to expect.

Lucy Rice, sophomore, advises students to “study, pay attention in class, and listen to your teacher.” She is least looking forward to Spanish because she is required to take several different tests.

Many different feelings are arising as students prepare for finals, but in general, students recommend finals to be approached with caution and preparedness at WVHS.