Springfest 2023: why you should be excited

Springfest is coming to Wilsonville High School soon, and here’s what you need to know before the big event is here.


Greg Artman

Wilsonville High School students from the class of 2015 celebrate Springfest in formal attire on the theater stage. Photos such as this emphasize the history and tradition of Springfest at Wilsonville.

Springfest is a long-standing tradition that has taken place at WVHS since 2002. The celebration is highlighted by the senior court, fun events, talent show, and elegant custom dresses.

For 2023 we can look forward to the celebration of the class of 2023 and the students of WVHS as a whole. The ballroom routine will make its return, along with the student vs staff basketball tournament. There will also be a talent show for students to showcase their individual abilities. We are all looking forward to celebrating Springfest and the senior class this April!

“[Springfest] is more than a tradition, it’s a way of honoring our seniors and our senior class, and really celebrating individuals who represent all facets of the class of 2023,” is what Reagan Molatore had to say on the topic of Springfest. She is one of the lead administrators responsible for putting on the celebration this year.

Speaking to Mrs. Molatore, you can really tell how much this event means not only to the students but to the staff as well, it’s an important part of Wilsonville’s culture. Mrs. Molatore speaks on the community aspect of Springfest, explaining that “our students have expressed wanting to give back to our community… so we’ve incorporated a fundraising part to it as well.” In the past, students have raised money for organizations like Doernbecher, and that tradition will continue in 2023.

One particular issue Mrs. Molatore wanted to address is the mental block for some people to participate in Springfest. “Some people worry that they don’t have a talent that is ‘good enough’ for the show. But we want as many to take part as possible, so just talk to us [the administrators] and we will make sure that you have a spot in Springfest.”

Our mission as a school is to make everyone feel included, so don’t let your self-doubt stop you from participating in one of our school’s great traditions! Springfest is a time to celebrate the individuals that make WVHS special, the students.

The deadline to apply for the court is January 9th, so if you are interested in joining make sure to stop by the office and grab an application. Applications can be turned in to Morgan Verkest, in the front office, or to Mrs. Molatore.