The idea of year-round school

Students and teachers at WVHS weigh in on going to school year-round.


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One school wishes their students a good break. Schools all across the country take a summer vacation.

The current school schedule that most public schools across the country use was influenced by farmers more than three hundred years ago. It was created so children could be home and help out with the family harvest. Since we live in a more industrialized society now, the schedule could change.

For the past couple of decades, experts have weighed in on the benefits and disadvantages for students to go to school all year, rather than having a three-month summer vacation.

While some students aren’t ready to say goodbye to long summer vacations, senior Malia Case thinks summer feels too long. Case also mentioned the educational benefits year-round school can have, “I feel like it would be a smoother transition every year, we wouldn’t have to spend the whole first quarter doing a review like the way it is now.” Case also mentioned that she used to not be fond of the idea of online school.

There are some disadvantages to keep in mind, credit recovery would be more difficult. Summer school would not be a thing anymore. In addition, many students rely on summer jobs to make money. That being said, there are also many advantages. Students would be able to retain more of the information they learn in school.

Some teachers at Wilsonville High School believe there can be benefits to having students at school during the summer months. Mr. Christopher stated his opinion, “I think in a perfect world, school year round with multiple three to four-week breaks is probably more beneficial in the long run both economically and from an educational standpoint.” He did share concerns that there may be some economic struggle because of the lack of summer tourism.

While the 2023-2024 school schedule has already been released, year-round school is still an option for the future.