Swifties swiftly taking over Ticketmaster


Anthea Goh

After hour’s of anticipation and waiting in the queue, Anthea Goh was able to get tickets for the Seattle show! She is very excited to see Taylor Swift live this summer.

Concerts are a way many students like to unwind and see some of their favorite artists live. With concerts come the struggles of ticketing. Ticketmaster: an avid concert attendee’s worst nightmare. Ticketmaster is the world’s largest ticketing service, making almost twelve billion dollars annually. Unfountournatly due to the high demand for tickets, the service has many flaws. From crashed websites to premium seats, getting tickets for your favorite artist can turn into a blood bath. You can leave empty-handed and heartbroken after hours of waiting in the queue.

“The Eras Tour” has been the talk of the world lately. This will be Taylor Swift’s first stadium tour since 2018, Reputation. With her new album being released, Midnights, she announced that she will be going on tour in 2023! Swifties have been going crazy and the ticket drop was highly anticipated. In order to get tickets, verified presale was the best option. 

There were many WVHS students who had much success with getting tickets. One is a junior named Maximus Werner. He was able to get four tickets for the Boston stop, one being a VIP ticket. Werner says, “I feel extremely grateful that I got Taylor Swift tickets because I know that many of my friends who are big fans didn’t get them”.  This isn’t his first time attempting to get tickets, so he was able to pick up on a few tips and tricks to ensure he gets tickets. One trick he found very helpful was applying for presale using three accounts. Werner also mentioned that entering his credit card information onto Ticketmaster before the ticket drop was extremely helpful. 

Aysha Marin, sophomore, is another student that was able to get tickets for the concert.  In her quest to get tickets for Taylor Swift’s tour coming up, she hit many bumps in the road. Marin explains, “I felt very stressed and I didn’t even know if I was gonna get the tickets, plus with Ticketmaster glitching it just added to my anxious thoughts”. Her process of getting tickets is most definitely not an easy road. At first, she thought her chances of tickets were close to zero, but luckily her friend’s dad was able to come through and get those tickets.

The ability to get tickets for concerts now has been left in the hands of a problem-prone website- a very unsettling thought to have. Luckily, there are many ways to up your chances of scoring tickets to your favorite artists. Check out this resource to learn more about hacks to conquer Ticketmaster.