Wilsonville High School’s interest in world language


Alina Jakobson

Alina Jakobson posing as she enter her French class. She is both exited and curious what she’ll learn today.

Here at Wilsonville High School, world language comes very naturally for many of the students. Alina Jakobson; a junior here at the school enjoys both the culture of French and being able to take it as one of her options in school. Alina stated, “I’ve always dreamed of learning the language, but the opportunity was not available in elementary school.”

“For me, it makes more sense and is structured easier; and because of this, I will be using the language for sure in the future,” Jakobson says. “Some of the many ups throughout taking French for everyone, but especially me, is the spelling. The pronunciation comes easy for many but spelling it can be really challenging.”

As Jakobson spoke up about the challenges, she stated that taking French as one of your choices for a world language is not always a recommendation. For being able to learn a hard language such as this, you would have to focus, take the time to practice, and surround yourself with many French people. “Everyone has their strong suits, and it all depends on what you wanna do. For me, French was a dream– but it dependently was hard at the beginning with, but it got easier the more I practice.”

When asked what her favorite word in French was, she could only and laugh. “I think I would have to say… pamplemousse; which means grapefruit.”

As students grow more and more in their knowledge of math, science, and reading, many of the students at Wilsonville High School continue to show even more growth in their interest in the world language; whether that’s French, like Alina Jakobson, or Chinese, Japanese, or Spanish, like many other students. Being able to learn such various languages is both fun and challenging, but opening many oppertunitys for the students future.