Wilsonville winter wonderland

Winter formal is just around the corner, here’s what our senior student leaders want you to know.


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Winter formal comes to Wilsonville this February. We interviewed 2 representatives from leadership to tell us about the dance and what to be excited for.

On February 11th, winter formal is coming to Wilsonville High School. After last years’ formal was postponed and held at Langdon Farms, for 2023 we are able to host the dance in the high school. Our senior student council has decided on a winter wonderland theme, embracing the cold weather and the winter season. Make sure to buy your tickets when they become available! Here’s what a few student leadership representatives in charge of planning the dance want to inform you about winter formal 2023!

Mia Combs and Carson Puppo are both seniors and members of our school’s leadership class. They are both part of the committee in charge of planning this years’ winter formal. When asked about their experience with student leadership, Combs said that “Overall it is a fun experience to be able to collaborate with others from the senior class to think about what would make the event the most enjoyable and convenient for all of the students.” Puppo had something similar to say, stating that “Getting to have a voice in planning events and assemblies, as well as getting to collaborate with my friends to make our school experience a little bit better” was his favorite part about being in leadership.

As for when tickets go on sale, we have the inside scoop straight from leadership: “Tickets go on sale January 25th at the bookkeeper, $5 with ASB, $10 without ASB, and guest forms are also available which are due February 8th” Combs reported. She also mentioned that the dance is taking place in the auxiliary gym from 7-10PM, and that “The theme is supposed to be a winter wonderland with aspects like hearts incorporated in since it’s happening 3 days before Valentine’s Day.” For what WVHS students can look forward to, Puppo said “We hired a new DJ, who will be using our pre-selected playlist to hopefully make the night as entertaining as possible. We will also have cool decorations and a photo booth so that you can get your picture taken with yourself, friend, or your date!”

Winter formal is going back to its roots in 2023, it will look much more similar to the formals of years past. Students can look forward to celebrating the winter season in style this February, remember to purchase your tickets at the bookkeeper!