What do you think? Episode 3

This week your WDYT hosts interview WVHS style icon Eli Sievers

What do you think? Is a podcast hosted by senior girls who are hard set on finding out what everyone is thinking.

Emily Barry

“What do you think?” Is a podcast hosted by senior girls who are hard set on finding out what everyone is thinking.

Hey Wildcats! Sophia and Taylor have a lot of opinions, but they want to hear what you think! They’ll be inviting a student to their show once a week, and through conversations centered around student life, Taylor and Sophia will get to the bottom of what everyone’s thinking! They cover a wide range of topics– from the road to becoming a D1 athlete, to personal style choices, so there’s an episode for everyone! This podcast is inspired by all the podcasts our hosts have listened to: we want to cover serious topics, but also the fun stuff at school! Most of all, we want to learn what the school is thinking!

In this episode, the girls of WDYT are joined by a live studio audience! Sophia, Taylor, and Emily interview senior Eli Sievers about his sense of style! Eli came to WVHS at the beginning of his junior year, and from the first day he walked into this school, he always strutted down the hallway with an amazing outfit on. Eli has become known for putting together the perfect outfit every day, but he doesn’t always feel as put together inside. He brings the girls in on his thoughts on style as an expression of self, and how it can help him even on his worst days. Keep an ear open for comments from the audience: Hannah Wilken (once again), and WDYT’s tech support, Grant Carli!

As always, thank you guys for listening! Let us know what you thought about the episode— you know we love to hear what everyone’s thinking! If you haven’t yet, check out our first two episodes with guests Hannah Wilken and Anna Jardin. If you have any topics you’d like for us to cover, or any students to interview, please email our producer, Emily, [email protected]