What do you think? A WBN podcast, episode 5

In this week’s episode of WDYT, Sophia interviews producer Emily who is joined again by Eli to discuss what’s been going on at school board meetings

What do you think? Is a podcast hosted by senior girls who are hard set on finding out what everyone is thinking.

Emily Barry

“What do you think?” Is a podcast hosted by senior girls who are hard set on finding out what everyone is thinking.

Hey Wildcats! Sophia and Taylor have a lot of opinions, but they want to hear what you think! They’ll invite a student to their show once a week, and through conversations centered around student life, Taylor and Sophia will get to the bottom of what everyone’s thinking! They cover a wide range of topics– from the road to becoming a D1 athlete, to personal style choices, so there’s an episode for everyone! This podcast is inspired by all the podcasts our hosts have listened to: we want to cover serious topics and the fun stuff at school! Most of all, we want to learn what the school is thinking! 

Five episodes strong! WDYT takes things to a more serious place this week– the girls bring the focus toward book banning in the WLWV school district and highlight a recent school board meeting where both parents and students shared their thoughts on the issue at hand.  The format is also slightly different: Sophia goes solo to interview the show’s producer, Emily, and previous guest, Eli Sievers– the two attended the meeting the day before this episode was recorded. While Eli continues to attend the monthly school board meetings, so do community members who want to ban a handful of titles. Emily and Eli inform Sophia of the issue at hand and give her insight from what they saw, but as always, they tell her what they think!

As always, thank you guys for listening! Let us know what you thought about the episode— you know we love to hear what everyone’s thinking! If you haven’t yet, check out our first two episodes with guests Hannah Wilken and Anna Jardin. If you have any topics you’d like for us to cover, or any students to interview, please email our producer, Emily, [email protected]