Wilsonville beats Centennial 75 to 40

The Wilsonville Wildcats score another victory in a mens varsity basketball home game against the Centennial Eagles. The final score was 75 to 40.


Greg Artman

Kallen Gutridge on his way to score annother basket. This brought Willsonville closer to victory.

The Wilsonville Wildcats boy’s basketball team scored another decisive victory this week in a home conference game.  after outscoring the Centennial Eagles boys varsity basketball team 75 to 40 points. After beating Parkrose and Rex Putnam’s varsity men’s basketball teams, the Wildcat’s nets opponent would be none other than the Centennial Eagles, who they were playing for the second time this season. Last month the Wildcats scored 59 to 31 also against Centennial High School. 

Before the game on Tuesday, Paul Liu, one of the team’s student managers, stated, “I think overall our defense has been really good, and our unselfishness and playing unselfishly [are our strengths].” Subsequently, when asked about Willsonville’s chances of going to state this year Liu also said, “Really high, I definitely believe we could go back to back this year.” Liu’s confidence was not unwarranted as we managed to win this week’s game with ease. After outscoring the eagles by an 87.5% margin the Wilsonville High Schools race to state is picking up steam. 

After the game, we were able to do a postgame interview with player number twelve for Wilsonville, Nick Colyer. Colyer rated the team’s performance a 9/10, saying that “[They] could have done a little better.” “Everyone did a good job,” Colyer stated, “I think Kal [Kallen Gutridge] did a good job just offensively as well as defensively, and everything he did was really good tonight.” Now going strong with a 10-1 for league games and the season is looking very bright and successful for the Wilsonville Wildcats and the players and coaches seem to be more confident than ever before.