Discipline seems like a thing of the past


Lorianne Servignat

Graffiti covers the school restrooms. This is an example of something students should know not to do.

Discipline has become almost obsolete to most students at Wilsonville High School this year. Students are constantly graffiti-ing, harming, and ruining school property, being disrespectful to other students and teachers, and the amount of drug use in schools has skyrocketed. But, students are facing little to no repercussions to their actions.

Students are starting to get rambunctious inside the classroom, which has caused frustration across much of the student body. Students are having to push through the difficult behavior of other students. Freshman Julian Galbreth states, “There’s people who just goof around. I feel like none of the kids who disrupt class are disciplined enough.” 

There isn’t much that teachers can do with students who are being disruptive, and in fact are almost discouraged from disciplining a student. Senior Henry Deitrik details, “Wilsonville doesn’t have a detention system and that’s a big part of the problem.” A detention system would give teachers a way to stop bad behavior from students.

Teachers try their best to keep kids in line and focused on classwork but students fail to listen. If teachers try to remove the student it adds to the large amount of students that wander the hallways every hour. This disrupts other students’ learning and prevents them from getting all the information they need to be successful. 

Henry adds, “There’s no weight behind a teacher’s words.” If teachers try to avoid sending a student to administration or avoid putting discipline into action students won’t listen to their words because there is no real repercussions for their actions. 

With all of the vandalisms, drugs, and disruptive behavior teachers should feel like they are equipped with the skills and resources to provide an alternative solution to students causing trouble. If students aren’t being taught that there are repercussions for their actions at home, school should be a place for students to learn that lesson. Alas, this behavior from students continues to disrupt learning environments.