Group presentations improve


Aditi Bhaskar

Presentations can be tricky – and group presentations can be trickier. Mock fairs give students great practice on presenting, so they’re ready for judging when the day comes!

Aditi Bhaskar, Science Writer

Tuesday February 14th, during the mock fair, many students practiced their presentations. Presentations are difficult to perfect, and it may be even more challenging for group projects, where students need to coordinate who talks about which sections. Transitions must be wrinkle-free, and inter-group communication must be practiced.

Sophomores Megan, Mia, and Jenna worked on a behavioral project as a team, and they were at the mock fair to practice presenting their project. They worked through several interviews throughout the evening, and by the end of the night, they were all much more confident.

Megan says, “Me and my team are very effective within our communications.” The team uses eye signals and small taps during judging interviews. “The mock symposium really developed which points in our project we’re the most strong on,” says Megan. The team split the presentation sections into introduction, and procedures, and conclusion and divided that amongst themselves so that their project pitch would flow more smoothly.

Jenna is nervous about the fair, but in general, they’re “excited and pretty confident” in their project. Mia agrees, and mentions that the mock fair helped them “see anything they’re missing or need” based on “what the judges struggled to understand.”

Overall, the mock symposium helped Megan, Mia, and Jenna finesse their team presentation. Excitement levels are super high for the fair coming up in less than two weeks! Come support all the student scientists and engineers by visiting project booths at the district fair while it’s open to the public on Tuesday, February 28th!