Jewelry class: where design meets business


Isabel Márquez Flores

Veera Valtonen, Giulia Grunder, Clara Hiltebrant all working on their upcoming jewelry projects. They are always eager to start the next project.

At WVHS, students are given the opportunity to explore their creativity in a unique way through the school’s jewelry class. Under the guidance of the class’s teacher, Ms. Escobar, students are taught the skills needed to design, manufacture, and produce jewelry that sparks consumer interest. 

This class is not just about making pretty trinkets. Instead, it is a class that teaches students about the business side of jewelry making and helps them develop skills to sell their work both online and in retail spaces.

According to Ms. Escobar, “Jewelry is a real world occupation, and at the school, we are learning to design, refine ideas, and market our work. It’s more of a design and business class.” 

This unique approach to teaching jewelry-making skills sets the class apart from traditional jewelry-making classes and gives students a competitive edge in the industry.

One of the benefits of this class is the freedom that students have to create their own pieces based on their personal style. Senior Kaylie Campbell notes, “I like that this class lets me make jewelry based on my own style. I definitely see myself selling jewelry in the future or becoming one of the big ones in the industry even.”  

Developing your own unique style is a valuable asset in the jewelry industry. Students are feeling very motivated and enthusiastic to be part of this class where art meets fashion, they meet the real world, and are inspired to put their work out there. 

Junior Giulia Grunder also loves the freedom to create in this class, saying, “I love that in this class, I can make my own ideas a reality. Also, looking at my peers’ styles and how they differ from my own, I learn and inspire myself a lot. I think jewelry can change a human appearance totally and enhance a look.” 

This class allows students to collaborate and learn from each other’s unique styles, which helps to expand their creative abilities and ultimately makes them better jewelry designers.

Ms. Escobar’s approach to teaching jewelry-making skills has proven successful, as one student has already gone on to start their own jewelry businesses and sell their work online and in retail spaces. 

Jewelry class is a unique and valuable opportunity for students to explore their creativity and learn important skills for any business. With the skills learned in this class, students have the potential to become successful jewelry designers and business owners.