Rihanna takes over Super Bowl LVII


Taylor Hadden

Rihanna captures the attention of many as it was her first performance in four years. She left everything out on the stage.

The Super Bowl is always exciting for many football fans and others who don’t even watch the sport. From the actual game to the commercials, everyone gathers around the TV and tunes in to the game wholeheartedly. According to FOX, there were approximately 112.3 million viewers on NBC. Even though this is the most anticipated game of the year, arguably the best part is the halftime show. 

The elaborate stages, difficult choreography, and amazing songs never fail to make headlines every year. Many big-time celebrities like Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and Prince have all performed in past halftime shows. Last year, everyone was blessed with a stellar performances from Eminem, Dr. Dre. Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige. Their performance was the definition of iconic– everything was perfect. This year for Super Bowl LVII, Rihanna was the special performer. 

This performance was Rhianna’s comeback after taking an almost four-year hiatus. Her performance was highly anticipated and many even renamed the Super Bowl to the Fenty Bowl– after Fenty Beauty, Rhianna’s cosmetics brand. For many, Rihanna is a true icon with many unforgettable chart-topping hits and performances. To say that everyone was excited to see what she does is an understatement.

Once the first half of the game had ended, all eyes were ready to see RiRi do her thing. She performed many of her most popular songs while paying homage to her past performances with iconic choreography. While many thought her performance was utterly amazing, others had different opinions of the halftime show. 

Makenna Wiepert, WVHS senior, really enjoyed Rihanna’s halftime performance this year. Wiepert is no stranger to Super Bowl halftime shows; her most memorable performance is Katy Perry. This year’s performance was one to remember, she explained, “I liked that I knew a lot of the songs and it was an artist that I knew.” She also mentioned that her outfits made the performance more family-friendly and less awkward to watch with family and friends. To Wiepert, the performance was a perfect mix of trendy and classy. 

I think she did a really good job and made her performance very true to her.

— Makenna Wiepert

Another senior who tuned in to “Fenty Bowl” was Theo Buchwald. In contradiction to Makenna, he believed that the performance was a bit underwhelming. He commented, “It felt a little boring compared to some of the others. I just feel like there should’ve been more.” Buchwald also mentions that a guest appearance would have made the whole experience more exciting to watch and increase the caliber of the performance, as many previous halftime shows comprised multiple artists.

There are many opinions about Fenty Bowl, both positive and negative. Such a polarizing show makes waves that transcend generations; high school students have been listening to Rhianna since they were toddlers listening in their parent’s car. Regardless of criticism, Rihanna put forth an amazing performance while also announcing her pregnancy! She stayed true to herself and her brand; that is all we can ask for in an artist. Fenty Bowl will be one to remember.