Swinging into action


Photo provided by Wilsonville Boys Golf

Picture from left to right Jermain Jordan, Blake Crane, Grant Wong, Brett Thompson, and Sean McKnight.

Mary Kimball, Editor-in-Chief

This upcoming season both our girls and boys golf teams will be in full swing. Last year the girl’s varsity squad won first in state. The boys took tenth in state. A senior on the team, Brett Thompson, “This year we started early with practices and we are focusing more on our short game.” The short game in golf refers to chipping and putting. This is a very important aspect of the game because it’s about finishing the whole. The home course for the boy’s golf team is Langdon Farms, just a short ten-minute drive from the high school. The key players this year for the boys include Jermain Jordan, Sean McKnight, and Brett Thompson.

The girl’s team that won the state championship consisted of all seniors.  This year the team is counting on Selah Lubben and Sabyn Thoune to step up and lead the team.  Other players with potential include sophomores Grace Thompson and Penelope Mitchell, and juniors, Reese Timm and Glee McKnight. They will be coached by Mike Nichols, Cindy Anderson, Kristin Rott, Jayme Eichler, and Kayla Good.  “We are very excited for a strong coaching staff, and we are expecting a big turn out of about 25-30 girls.” The girls play at The Charbonneau Golf Club.

If you are interested in joining either team contact one of the players mentioned above.