Boring learning environments make it difficult to get through the day


Lorianne Servignat

Sophomores in English struggle to stay awake while learning. They don’t like listening to lectures.

Students at Wilsonville are overjoyed to be one step closer to the summer and halfway through the school year; but even the change in semester hasn’t changed students’ attitudes towards school. 

School lately has been a drain to students, and felt like a chore more than anything else. Teachers try their best to make their lesson plans interesting and fun, but students should be able to take a little bit more control over their learning. 

High schoolers aren’t that different from kindergarteners in how they like to learn. Students like competition, candy, and hands-on activities.  Senior Kaylie Campbell says, “I like when teachers make interactive class projects and incorporate group projects.”

High school students like to be independent and doing fun activities like having them come up with games, correcting homework as a group, and having a routine when they come into the classroom gives that sense of independence. 

Students came to an overwhelming agreement about lectures. Spoiler alert: nobody likes them. Junior Ziggy Shoemaker Details, “Lecture less for AP classes, it’s hard to listen when someone is just talking the entire class.”

Students hate being talked at for an hour, and is one of the leading causes of why students struggle to make it through the day. High schoolers like to interact with their peers, and things like whole class discussions. Freshman Jamie Smith says,  “If a teacher’s chill it will be fun, but if a teacher’s strict it won’t be as fun.”

But, when it comes to encouraging a fun learning environment a positive attitude can change everything for a student. Getting to know everyone in the class and taking extra time to create a community instead of just a classroom makes a difference. “If teachers cared about our interests and were more personable it would make my classes better.” Claims Ellis Underhill. 

These are all ways that would help students learn better and keep the word boring far from the classroom.