The problem with parking


Kate Gore

The above image shows the chaos that ensues in the single intersection in which cars and buses can enter and exit the parking lot.

Over the course of the last three years, several attempts have been made to alleviate the qualms surrounding Wilsonville High School’s parking lot. Some students are at peace with the changes that have been made, while others believe that the conditions we students face are unacceptable. 

The most significant complaints that have been made are about the condition of departure lines and the inconvenience of parking. Junior Kheller Larson spoke to these issues well; “There is only one way in and one way out, which makes the congestion with parents picking up their kids and students leaving a huge problem.” 

Adding on to Larson’s point, the buses pass through that same intersection in which parents and students attempt to depart, creating huge traffic jams that are not only frustrating and time-consuming, but also unsafe for all parties involved. 

Most licensed students can report almost being hit or getting into sticky situations when trying to exit the parking lot through the single exit and entrance to the school. With over 1,000 kids exiting the school at the same time on a daily basis, there must be something to be done about the efficiency of departure.

As far as parking goes, some are perfectly content with the current situation of “first come first serve.” Senior Ella Hubka affirms that “the current parking situation is actually okay, if you get to school on time, you’ll probably get a good spot.” 

Hubka goes on to say, “this year is better than last year with the assigned spots; it sucked to have a bad spot or get your spot taken.” Hubka makes great points, but other students feel strongly that the current system is not working. 

Junior Talia Valdez commented, “I prefer the system we had in place last year. It prevented sophomores who get their licenses halfway through the school year from filling up parking spots for upperclassmen who clearly should have priority… sophomores who do not put in the effort to get a parking pass should be parking across the street and not causing havoc in the parking lot.” 

It sucked to have a bad spot or get your spot taken.

— Ella Hubka

Valdez is not alone in her anger towards underclassmen taking parking spots. Ask any junior or senior with a parking pass at the school, and they will let you know how frustrating it is to have a sophomore take your parking spot. In a parking lot with just enough space for licensed juniors and seniors, there must be stronger enforcement to keep the lot fair for all.

The general consensus among students is that the current situation in the parking lot is not working. From the treacherous traffic jams to the sophomores pilfering parking spots, something has to be done to make the parking lot more acceptable.