Disappointing Wilsonville senior night fall to rival La Salle

A disappointing loss for Wilsonville on Senior night will hopefully only push the Wildcats to step in in the playoffs.


Greg Artman

Faith Nashif drives to the basket in a 39-64 defeat against La Salle. Nashif finished the game with 5 points.

Senior night is always a night full of emotion, for all the people watching and all the people playing alike knowing that might be your last home game or last game in general can be a very overwhelming feeling. Those emotions can be exponentially bigger if you are the only senior taking part in senior night and are taking on a league rival. 

However this didn’t seem to be the case for Wilsonville’s one and only senior Faith Nashif, who had many members of her family and even more friends in the stands to watch her. “It meant a lot to me to have everyone there to support me, I felt a lot of love from my teammates, coaches, and family,” she said.

Nashif started off the night with a bang for Wilsonville scoring the first bucket of the night from downtown. The rest of the first quarter also went very well for the home team, with Wilsonville having a surprising early lead over the La Salle Falcons– who came into the contest ranked 4th in the state.

Things started to take a turn for the worst in the second quarter when freshman Ava Bergeson (13 points) started to take over down low for the Falcons. With Wilsonville running a 2-3 zone throughout the whole first half and the Falcons shooters being cold from the field to start, it was only a matter of time before a team like La Salle was able to find the holes in the zone and make shots off of it.

Ella Wedin, one of those lethal shooters, had a tough start to the night but finished with 19 points many of them being catch and shoot 3’s or jumpers. When Wedin was not shooting well from the floor Clara Hudson came alive, especially in the second half with 13 points.

Although Wilsonville didn’t come out on top, we saw a good offensive performance from Audrey Counts who totaled 18 points, and Nashif, the lone senior on senior night, finished with 5.

Losing on senior night is a tough pill to swallow, but this one tastes especially bitter for Wilsonville as the Wildcats fall to 12-12 overall. However they still have a very shiny league record of 10-3.

Wilsonille’s last regular season bout will take place at Canby as both the Wildcats and Cougars try to lock down a playoff spot. Nashif was optimistic but also realistic about the Wilsonville playoff chances saying “We are going to need to push and play really hard against Canby and try to get the best seed for playoffs we can.”

For La Salle their last regular season game takes place on Monday as they take on the Parkrose Broncos, La Salle has a playoff spot locked up and at this point they will be playing for the best playoff spot possible.