The show must go on! Unless it’s snowing


Greg Artman

This picture was from a Puffs dress rehearsal and displays one of the many dynamic scenes from Puffs.

Wilsonville High School’s production of Puffs the play is finally having shows after battling with unforeseen weather conditions and is a huge hit. 

Snow days which are normally every high school student’s dream were more of a nightmare for the cast of Puffs. These snow days caused the production to have to push back their opening night. 

All of this aside the cast has persevered through these difficult times and has brought the wonderful story of puffs to life. 

 If you don’t know, Puffs takes the widely known story of Harry Potter and creates a new story based on the perspective of the Hufflepuff House. This new story is driven by new characters and a hilarious plot that is guaranteed to entertain people of all ages.

Scott Worth, who plays Harry Potter, said “One of my favorite parts of the production is just the props, there’s so many and some of them are just ridiculous, such as Ron and Hermione.” 

Buy tickets!! We will love you forever

— Penny Burian

In addition to this being a fabulous play, and having great actors there are lots of other people working to help make this play come to life. There are people who are building the set, creating costumes, creating dynamic makeup for the characters, and even more. 

The people who help with all of the backstage activities are called Techs. These people are crucial to the show because they assist the actors and keep everything running smoothly. Without these valuable people, there would be no theater.

Penny Burian, a senior at Wilsonville, is portraying Megan Jones, the daughter of a famous evil wizard. When asked about all the parts that help bring this show together Burian said, “this play is fast-paced, so it’s very tech-heavy. every part of the crew has been doing amazing to keep the show running smoothly.”

Additionally, the show involves a lot of costume changes, and Burin is very thankful for all the time and effort that the costume department has put into this show, saying “along with many other actors in the show, I have  some quick changes that have to be done in around 15 seconds…the show also has a lot of costumes since most of the puffs change every school year.”

This show has overcome many obstacles in order to be able to perform, and all types of people have put time and effort into creating this amazing show. Theater productions are always difficult and time-consuming to produce but this show has made others look like a walk in the park.

All the time and effort they have put into the show has been worth it because the show is absolutely amazing, and one of the best productions from Wilsonville High School. This show can be seen on Tuesday 2/28/23, Wednesday 3/1/23, Thursday 3/2/23, Friday 3/3/23, Saturday 3/4/23, and Monday 3/6/23. Tickets are on sale now!