Popular study spaces and music


Ella Hubka

Students have plenty of space to lay out their work at Starbucks. Coffee is the preferred drink by many students.

Where do Wilsonville’s students like to get their best studying done? Do they prefer to work at home, in the library, or maybe in a coffee shop? Do students find listening to music to be helpful when they’re studying? What music do they prefer? 

“I like to go to the drive through Starbucks in town to study or get caught up on work,” said sophomore Malia Kailekilo, “I can get what I need to get done quicker there than I can at home. I can work better when I’m listening to music that I don’t know or doesn’t have words, so I turn on a focus playlist from Spotify and listen. I’m usually out of there in about an hour or two.”

Starbucks seems to be a common place for Wilsonville students to get their work done. The comfortable atmosphere, many options for sitting and working, and its accessibility seem to all be appealing for studying. 

“My friends and I usually go to one of our houses to work on schoolwork together. Having study groups is our favorite way to study. Even when we aren’t working on the same work, it helps for keeping each other on task. And, if I’m listening to music when I’m working, I usually don’t listen to songs I know or anything catchy, it’s more distracting.” said sophomore Danica. 

“I like to go to Panera to get my studying done. The ambience is comfortable, and I usually grab a charged lemonade and a pastry, it makes the time fly by, and I get lots of work done.” said senior Anna Jardin. 

Leaving the house to get schoolwork done seems to be a common interest of our working students. And, grabbing some caffeine or food while they’re at it can make the time enjoyable as well!