Jazz band: elevating the music industry


West Salem Jazz Festival

Mr. Davies stands like a king with the jazz band looking into the audience. They are performing at the West Salem Jazz Festival.

Wilsonville has three musical chambers consisting of orchestra, band, and choir teams which make up the main music classes offered by our school. In the midst of these classes, jazz band stands alone as a group of talented musicians who practice their instruments a little more than the average band or orchestra player.    

Freshman James Lee has been playing piano for eight years and has played in several competitions and performances inside and outside of school, and is a vital member of the jazz band team. “You can learn the fundamentals of music and become part of a musical community of people you can improve and play with,” exclaims James, who despite being one of the youngest in the group of musicians, has immense wit and promising skill in the music industry.  

One most helpful aspect James noted that the jazz band has given him has been the ability to improve with others. Jazz band meets in the mornings from Monday to Thursday one hour before school starts, which creates more united practicing and therefore chemistry amongst the jazz band. This comes with the expense of more commitment, but those who can dedicate themselves can only raise the ceiling of potential in music and as individuals. 

“Exploring the genre of jazz to further expand your knowledge, and play more challenging songs,” says James in response to what jazz band can do for you. Jazz band is a class for those who would like to quicken the pace and be more involved if you have a passion for music, rather than just taking one music class in your school schedule that may not be at your pace.

Responding to the question on how jazz band can improve an individual, James points out “I don’t know how jazz band alone can help with a person’s individual improvement really, it really depends on the person.” Perhaps jazz band offers numerous opportunities and benefits for aspiring musicians, but without a fitting mindset or drive to improve you’ll be lost in the quick, agile speed of which jazz band moves.​​