Reading and writing: The art form of words


Isabel Marquez Flores

Student Ethan Kessler is calmly reading in his book while sitting in Wilsonville High School’s library. Hopefully more students will join him and indulge their love of reading.

Wilsonville High School is a hub of academic excellence, and the students at Wilsonville are no strangers to the value of reading and writing. This value is promoted by the resources provided by attentive educators, and the in-school library where there are a variety of books for students to discover. 

Reading and writing are more than just tools for academic success. They are also an art form that allows individuals to explore the world through printed pages and enrich young creative minds.

Ethan Kessler, a senior student at Wilsonville High School, believes that writing has the power to bring out shades of an individual that they never knew existed. “Poetry is a different way of expressing ourselves; I discovered it by reading and playing with words. Finding authors who spoke to me, writing can open a side you didn’t know was there.”

 He also shares that writing can be both an individual or community practice, joining a class can help aspiring authors and amateur lovers of reading both alike.

Creative writing teacher and language therapist Sarah Tucker, recognizes the importance of providing students with the opportunity to fall in love with the art of creating and learning through literature. 

Tucker proclaimed, “I enjoy reading figurative language and the music of words. I try to make my class available for any student, no matter their level, that is curious enough to learn through this art. Exposure to literature teaches us how to communicate effectively culturally, academically, and proactively.”

Writing and reading allow individuals to explore and express their creativity. Through writing, individuals can create characters, worlds, and stories that are unique to them. Furthermore, writing allows them to capture their thoughts and feelings, and then put them into words.

 Reading, on the other hand, allows individuals to explore different perspectives. It exposes them to different cultures, beliefs, and experiences, which broadens their horizons.

Reading is an essential skill that has a crucial impact on an individual’s ability to develop critical thinking, and it is no surprise that literature has played such an imperative role in both intellectual and artistic realms across time and culture.

With all that being said, reach out to the English and language teachers around you. Choose a couple of books from the school library or visit the one in town! Make literature a part of your life and travel to new worlds from the comfort of your living room or Mrs. Tucker’s classroom. Who knows it might just be your thing and ignite a newfound passion.