Students drop thoughts on new album releases


Photo provided by Ella Hubka

Mary Matthews gives her opinion on Sza’s new album, SOS. She was excited about all of the collabs the album included.

High schoolers spend a large amount of their time listening to music. Think about it. When you’re driving, working on homework, or just sitting in your room, you’re likely listening to music. How long do students spend listening to their music every day, and, what do they think of some popular artists’ new drops? 

  Popular artists among young adults have dropped new albums recently. SZA, Metro Boomin, Future, and Yeat are artists that many teens enjoy listening to. What are their thoughts on their new drops?

“I listened to all of the songs when I had a long road trip on SZA’s new album. There weren’t any skips for me, but it did take me a few listens for some of the songs to become my new favorites. I’d now rate the album a 10/10, and my favorites on the album would be Awkward and Blind,” said sophomore Audrey Counts.

  Senior Lidya Harms answered the question of how many hours per day she’s spending listening to music: “In the morning when I get up, I’m putting on a song. When I get in the shower, play a song. On the way to school, I’m playing a song. I’d say roughly 8 hours a day I have music in my background.”

 “Yeat’s new album is insane,” she added. “Afterlyfe isn’t like some of Yeat’s other work, and I have a lot of appreciation for him as an artist.” 

  Music is a very present and influential aspect in the lives of high schoolers. People seem to love to listen to new music when they’re driving or going about other daily activities. 

  The new album drops by Yeat, Metro Boomin, and SZA are very popular among not only Wildcats, but teens in general. Luckily, these artists are going on tour soon!