Can high school relationships last after high school?


Lily Arzie

Rayan Renison and Alina Jakobson, both juniors value their fun high school friendship. They hope to stay in touch when they graduate!

High school is considered a period of time in a life full of flourishing relationships, and long-lasting connections. The question is this: Do relationships accumulated through high school last forever? WHS students are here to share their hypotheses, and whether this proves to be right or wrong.

Aysha Marin, a sophomore, thinks that the importance of friendships fabricated during high school will lose their relevance in college, and she thinks that students will likely become acquainted with their college friends.

Marin noted that regardless of bonded friendships, she lacks the confidence to feel that romantic relationships have any significance after high school.

One Anonymous student admitted that the term ‘high school sweethearts’ is a hoax and it’s unlikely “that they really want to be together”, they added. However, they do believe that friendships are less likely to fizzle as opposed to romantic relationships

Gabby Maoz, a sophomore, addressed similar takes on the matter and said that due to the incline of immaturity in high school, the chances of maintaining an intimate relationship following high school are slight.

Mariam Moussa, a sophomore, believes that region and location have a wide-reaching impact on attentiveness to relationships. She finds it difficult to believe that relationships expand post-high school, because you “are closer here in high school, and once in college, they drift apart.”

Ruby Dean, a sophomore, stated that the resolution of a relationship solely depends on the given circumstances, and encounters. However, she added that her mom continues to contact her previous high school friends, and she added that “[her] parents are high school sweethearts.”

As high school relationships explore the life following high school, the strength of the connections varies depending on the people. However, to solidify a long-lasting relationship, there are few requirements but to treat the relationship with humility and generosity.