Team 1425 wins big at Wilsonville event


Aditi Bhaskar

1425 competed at the Wilsonville event March 9th-11th. They won the double-elimination bracket, and the Creativity Award.

Error Code Xero (1425) competed at the week 2 Wilsonville event in the 2023 season, Charged Up, March 9th-11th, against other competitive robots from across the PNW (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska). Team members were nervous, but had a good feeling going into the competition. “I feel like we’re going to do good,” says Freshman Elie Katz, an Electrical subteam member.

Error Code Xero played in many qualification (ranking) matches on Friday. Saturday morning, quals matches ended with wins, and our last quals match pulled us up to 4th place in quals ranking! (Teams pick other teams for playoffs based on quals ranking, so this was very good for us!) Mechanical subteam member Cayden Whisman says, “My favorite part is to see the robot actually work the way we want it to.” 

Besides competing on the playing field, Error Code Xero also won the judged Creativity Award! Thanks to everyone who spoke to judges in the pits– judges were impressed by their robot. Error Code Xero also had the Highest Average Autonomous Score of all robots there and was recognized for being a very friendly host team!

Saturday afternoon, teams selected alliances (groups of teams who played against other groups of teams) and competed in a double-elimination playoff bracket. Error Code Xero was picked into alliance 2 (2nd highest ranked alliance) by team Mean Machine, and joined by team Mystic Biscuit! Error Code Xero’s alliance ended up winning every match in the upper bracket, and winning the finals! Error Code Xero got a nice trophy and Winners’ blue banner to add to their collection in the shed.

So, that ended a great day of competition. Winning both an award and the playoffs gave Error Code Xero lots of district points, ranking them high in the PNW district. This will help the team in qualifying for the District Championship and World’s is in April!