It’s okay to be influenced


Sophia Day

Juniors Abbie Memmott and Olivia Kundert show off their trendy, high quality Stanley Cups! Could they influence WBN’s readers?

The idea of being “basic” is often frowned upon, culturally. Ironically, being “basic” gets a bad rap in high schools as well, since kids want to both conform, yet also set themselves apart.

When referring to someone basic, people look at what they’re wearing, and what they’re consuming–whether that be their shoes, their clothes, accessories, or even the music they listen to. The lens many people see this through is typically negative: they think that being so influenced leads to hyper-consumption. The question is, are students who are influenced by popular consumption habits actually overconsuming? Would they have purchased these products without social influence?

Junior Abbie Memmott weighed in, as someone who stays on trend, “When I buy things that are trendy, like my Stanley Cup, or my shoes, I definitely feel a little influenced by social media, but I also buy them because they’re genuinely good, high-quality products that will last a long time. What’s the difference between being influenced by social media, and being influenced by a good review online?” She continued by explaining that “basic” shouldn’t be seen as derogatory, because it makes sense that people will purchase popular goods.

Olivia Kundert, also a junior, echoed Memmott’s opinion, “I know Stanley Cups are trendy. I can see where it seems like an excuse to buy since Hydroflasks was the trend before. I think it’s fair to say that if you like something and know you’ll get good use out of it, then buy it! It shouldn’t matter if it’s basic, or if someone else thinks you’re consuming without a purpose–as long as you’re responsible, I think it’s okay.”

Surely most people can agree that if you’re constantly buying the newest thing just because it’s popular, you’re not being sustainable, or financially responsible. However, the trendiness of a good purchased doesn’t indicate how you’ll use it. If you’re getting good use out of it, and you enjoy it, then there’s no need to worry about being “basic.”