Matches have officially begun for girls tennis

The first official week of matches for Wilsonville girls tennis


Sammie Baker

Liza Locke, Natalie Kendig, and Mercer Nance all members of the girls tennis team. This was after their match against McMinnville.

This past week, the Wilsonville girls tennis team had a very busy week. Three matches in five days, with two days of preparation in practice. Although this week was a full blown schedule, the team was able to be very successful in the amazing weather. 

On Tuesday, the girls took on their very first match of the season. They traveled over to 6A Sandy High School. Even though this is part of pre-season matches, it didn’t stop them from playing their best. Wilsonville was able to sweep Sandy, defeating them 7-1. 

Next up, the girls were able to welcome 6A McMinnville at home. While facing these talented competitors, the girls were able to keep up a good fight. With determined players, warm weather conditions and positive attitudes, the girls had a great day. This match ended up in a tie.

Finally, on Friday the girls were joined by Nelson high school, a new 6A school in Clackamas. Although Wilsonville faced a tough loss, the score ended up being very close. Junior Mia Poppe shared that, “All of our matches demonstrated sportsmanship and I was able to become friends with girls from the other teams!” Tennis is a sport where you meet so many new people and create friendships that can last; whether they are from your team or the one your facing. As the last game of the match ended, Wilsonville took the tough loss of 4-5.

Overall their first week of the season  went really well for the team. Senior Liza Locke says, “I think everyone played super good and it was super fun!” This upcoming week the girls will have two matches; one away and one at home. Mia Poppe says, “For the rest of the season I am looking forward to away games because time on the bus is so much fun and getting to know all of our new coaches: Theresa, Beth and Rhonda!”