Is there a grading bias among teachers?


Reece Buchanan

Many to all teachers grade off their own rubric. This rubric is specifically designed for the class they teach.

For a while now, there has been a speculation among different students on if teachers grade on a bias. Whether or not students have experienced it in school before, there is always the hanging question of whether or not there is a grading bias among teachers.

Some students believe that there is no grading bias among their teachers. They believe their score is solely based off of the work they did and the amount of effort they put in. 

Grace Kelso, a junior, hasn’t witnessed or experienced any sort of bias throughout her grades. She states that “I feel like they grade you on how well you do, not on who you are.” Most to all teachers grade fairly and give you the score that you deserve. 

All teachers have a rubric or answer key that they have to follow while grading students’ tests. Some teachers will also grade homework off compilation, which can also differ depending on how much work or time the student put in.  

On the other hand, some other students have either witnessed grading bias among teachers, or have experienced it themselves. For example, receiving different scores as their peers even though they got the same amount of questions correct. 

Olivia Kundert, a junior, has the opposite idea. She believes that there is some teacher bias among the grading at school. Kundert explains that “(in her opinion) some teachers give people they like higher grades.” 

Although most teachers grade fairly based off the grade that you deserve, some students have noticed a select amount of teachers that do grade off of a bias. 

It may not apply to all teachers and/or students, but there will always be the question of if some teachers grade off of a bias. Whether or not students believe that there is a grading bias among different teachers, there will never be a sure way of knowing.