WVHS baseball flies to Arizona to play in Coach Bob’s national invitational tournament

The Wilsonville boys baseball team was invited to a special invitational tournament. They got to play various high schools across the country.


Berkley Reents plays at the National Invitational. The team played their hardest and were able to secure a win.

Group photo of the Wildcat baseball team. Photo provided by head coach Bryn Card

Wilsonville High School’s baseball team was invited to play in Arizona against other 5A teams across the country in the Coach Bob National Invitational. The Wildcats played a variety of teams in the special event. All teams appear evenly matched as all match-ups share similar stats in their respective leagues.

Wilsonville got the opportunity to play a variety of strong teams over winter break in the special tournament down in Arizona. The Wildcats first played Standley Creek from Colorado and won 17 to 5. Then they played Arrowhead Cristian School from California and lost 10 to 0. After that game, the Wildcats lost only one more game against Desert Mountain High School Arizona with the final score being 5 to 0. Finally, the last game the Wildcats played was against Mountain Pointe High School from Arizona and tied with both teams scoring 5 runs each.

The Wildcats left the tournament with 1 win, 2 losses, and 1 tie game. To get a better understanding of how our performance affects us going into the early phases of the season we reached out to Wilsonville baseball player Owen Eggart to answer some questions. When we asked Owen how he thought the team performed, he said, “We played very hard and lost a few games we should have won but tied a very good team to end the trip.” We then asked a follow-up question on how this is going to affect the team going into the league season, he responded, “We ended on a high note so confidence is high as we head into league.”

To wrap up our interviews we got to question one more player on the Wilsonville team, Berkley Reents. We asked Berkley about any highlights of the trip for the team, and he said, “I think the highlight of our Arizona trip was just how we came together as a team, and how team chemistry came together. The team chemistry aspect sets us up to be able to play well together the rest of the season.” Morale is very strong for the Wildcat baseball players and that does not appear to be changing any time soon. It will be interesting to see how the league season plays out.